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Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

An environmentally friendly blend formulated from renewable vegetable resources for all dog’s that are sensitive to dyes and fragrances. The deep cleansing action will penetrate the thickest fur busting off dirt and grime and easily rinsing away leaving your dog soft and clean.

1. Shake bottle before use.
2. Completely wet your dog from the head to the tip of the tail making sure that the coat is wetted all the way to the skin.
3. Place shampoo directly onto your dog and work into fur until a lather forms. Ensure you scrub those hard to reach places!
4. Massage vigorously enough to get the shampoo all the way to the skin.
5. Once you’ve worked up a good lather all over your dog, start rinsing! Ensure that you rinse all the soap off your dog’s fur and all the way down the skin. Continue rinsing until suds no longer appear.
6. Towel dry, shake and off you go!

May be diluted at a ratio of 16:1

Available Sizes:
Pint Item# TG0071 12/case
MSRP $15.00

Gallon Item# TG0073 4/case
MSRP $30.00

Equine Shine Shampoo - thp0004
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